Monday, February 15, 2010

Consomme Julienne

From "Easy French Cookery", 1910.

Take four carrots, three turnips, two onions, two leeks, three hearts of lettuce, a small heart of cabbage, and two small sticks of celery ; cut the turnips and carrots into thin slices about one inch long, also the celery, onion, and leeks.

Place the onions and leeks in a saucepan with some cooking butter, and let cook till brown ; now add all the remaining vegetables, with the exception of the cabbage and lettuce, and allow to cook till all the moisture has evaporated ; add salt, pepper, and a pinch of sugar.

Mix with two quarts of hot consomme (clear soup of either beef or chicken).

As soon as all comes to the boil, draw to the side of the fire and allow to simmer for one hour; now add the cabbage and, one hour afterwards, the lettuce. A handful or two of green peas may be added if desired.

As soon as the last vegetables are thoroughly cooked, pour all into tureen and serve.

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