Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sole with Chablis Sauce (Sole au Chablis)

Excerpted from "Easy French Cookery", 1910

Cut into long thin strips one onion, a leek, two carrots, and a stick of celery, and boil for five minutes. Mince finely half an onion and half a leek, cook until quite brown in a little butter. Drain the boiled vegetables, add them to the saucepan containing the browned minced onion and leek, and fry all together until brown; season with salt and pepper and withdraw from fire.

Clean two good-sized soles and cut them each into three pieces; put in saucepan, season to taste, and place the vegetables with them; just cover the soles with a little white wine, thicken the sauce by adding a small piece of butter rolled in flour. Dress the soles on a dish with the vegetables and sauce.

Or, for Filets de Sole au Vin blanc, simply cut four fillets from each sole and prepare these the same way as above, omitting the long, thin Julienne vegetables.